A Letter to Kampers from your Kaptain...

Hello, beautiful Kampers, new and returning!!


Welcome to probably what will be for many of you, the beginning (or continuation) of the most important trip you will ever take in your life.  A mental, emotional and physical trip to becoming the happiest and healthiest version of yourself!!

I cannot even begin to explain the pure joy and excitement I am feeling for you for taking the initiative to be a part of the Kamp movement!  The fact that you are on this site right now tells me that you are READY!  BUT, let me just tell you, READY doesn’t mean that you aren’t afraid, aren’t doubtful or aren’t nervous.  It simply means that deep down there is the most beautiful knowing that where you are right now in your life is not where you want to be.  It’s a knowing that you deserve better!

Hitting rock bottom at almost 200 pounds has literally been one of my biggest blessing in life.  It forced me out of a comfort zone that was so detrimental to my health and well-being.   A zone where I actually became comfortable in my discomfort!! After a while I just accepted a life so far less than what I deserved for myself.   I was tired all the time, clinically depressed, emotionally eating out of control and constantly dealing with an overwhelming feeling of total discomfort in my own skin.  It took a lot of work and determination, but I now know not only how possible it is to make a change but also how worth it that hard work is!

Wherever you are with your health, you have recognised you are READY to give change a chance.  And that’s all I need from you...let me take care of all of the rest. 🙂

See you soon, I can hardly wait!!


SO much Kamper love,

Kaptain Kamila