What is Kamp Kamila?

The Kamp Kamila Fitness Challenge is a 30 day Online Lifestyle Transformation program led by celebrity trainer and coach Kamila McDonald. Kamila once struggled with her own weight and has passionately committed her life to inspiring her Kampers to transform their own lives and more importantly empowering them with all the tools necessary to successfully maintain their transformations—mind and body—way beyond the 30 days.  

Kampers are treated to a true Jamaican health and fitness experience led by Kaptain Kamila, featuring her daily high-intensity workouts to sweet reggae, dancehall and soca beats with beautiful backdrops from around the island as well as her popular and well-loved nutrition plans infused with a heavy Jamaican influence.  


About the 30 Day Challenge and other Kamp Kamila Products

The ultimate mission of the 30 day Kamp Kamila Fitness Challenge is for Kampers to experience just how beautiful life becomes when you nourish your body with quality food every single day and SWEAT it out 5 times per week (in the comfort of your own home). 

Not only will Kampers lose and maintain a healthy weight (an inevitable side effect of becoming healthy), but also experience more energy, a more clear and focused mind, better sleep and an overall feeling of happiness. 

Through her weekly live nutrition webinars, daily workout videos, Nutrition eBooks and her Kamper accountability program, your life will never be the same after journeying with Kamila on the most important trip you will ever take in your life: A mental, emotional and physical trip to becoming the happiest and healthiest version of yourself!!

The Negril Challenge is open for registration now!

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